Sustainable entrepreneurship

Geodelta is an engineering consultant specializing in the field of photogrammetry, laser scanning and geodesy. We develop software and we provide advice. Our mission is to represent and further develop the geodetic field in The Netherlands. We do this based on the believe that we can make things better, safer and more sustainable with our knowledge and technology. We do not do this alone, because we cannot do it alone. Geodelta exists by virtue of close cooperation with and the trust of customers, employees, suppliers, universities and their students, the neighbors in our office and many others. They all expect Geodelta to play an active role in society.

Vision on sustainability

That is why Geodelta has drawn up a vision on sustainability. This vision is guiding in our sustainability ambitions, but also contains concrete and pragmatic actions. Geodelta contributes to a more sustainable Netherlands on a daily basis. With our software and advice, we help to improve rail infrastructure, ensure better traffic flow on motorways and ensure a safe built environment. For Geodelta, Corporate Social Responsibility also means that we behave responsibly ourselves. For example by limiting our own CO2 footprint.

Download and read our plans for 2020 here.

Beleidsvisie duurzaamheid 2020 (Dutch only)