Turn images into a 3D point cloud or orthophoto in no time. Raida is the most appropriate tool when speed of data acquisition, precision and reliability really count. Images can come from drones, vehicles or simply from manual photography. Simple predefined workflows are employed for the data processing. All results are augmented with a complete quality description.

The basis of Raida is the Delft Method for Testing and Quality Analysis. All observations from the images are treated in accordance with this method for processing land surveys, which was developed at the Delft University of Technology. This statistical analysis provides a complete insight into the quality of each individual computed coordinate.

Incident Management and Car Crash Forensics

With the specialised Raida-IM module, Geodelta provides software which is optimised for Incident Management and Car Crash Forensics. The aftermath of traffic accidents requires a secure registration of the situation, while reducing the traffic flow impedance. With Raida, the entire area can be registered accurately and reliably within minutes, after which the road can be reopened for traffic.



Increasingly, drones are employed as a platform for photogrammetry. Geodelta can help you with the selection of the most appropriate drone for your application. Process your drone imagery with Raida for accurate results and a quality analysis equivalent to traditional land survey.


Raida provides a near-autonomous processing workflow. The images are oriented relative to each other. Subsequently, a point cloud is computed. The images can also be used for monoscopic measurements or for the production of orthophotos.

All measurements can be scaled and oriented into your coordinate system using Geodelta's unique bar code system.


Camera calibration

The calibration of the camera and lenses are essential for every photogrammetric application. Geodelta is specialised in performing the calibration of your camera. The values for focal distance, principal point and lens distortion will be reported in a formal calibration report.


Insight in the process and technology behind photogrammetry is essential in order to achieve reliable results. Geodelta provides training in photogrammetry at your location. We will teach the foundations and basic principles with language and examples that are easy to understand. Following this, we can provide workshops with practical introductions to photogrammetry using Raida.

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