Images and a point cloud


Point clouds, panoramic images, nadir- and oblique images, all in one 3D environment in the cloud. Use all these modern sources of geo-information with ease to maintain your large-scale maps.

Municipalities, provinces and other official bodies require up-to-date geo-information for maintaining their large-scale base maps. Traditionally, land survey or stereo imaging is used as a data source. Nowadays, multiple new sources of information are available: point clouds, panoramic images, oblique images, etc. With Omnibase, Geodelta combines all this information and makes it available in a very user-friendly manner.

Quality first, focussed on user friendliness

Omnibase is built by Geodelta on the basis of our deep knowledge of laser scanning and photogrammetry. Therefore, you can be sure that all information is processed in the geodetically correct way. As long as the data itself is correct, it will fit perfectly with all your other data sources as well as you own large-scale map within Omnibase. Optionally, Geodelta can perform the quality control of the data on your behalf.



As Omnibase was developed by Geodelta, the product is completely independent. You can use it for any dataset originating from almost all data suppliers. Additionally, Geodelta provides direct access to several open data sources. For instance, you can use the AHN4, which is the latest version of the height model of The Netherlands.


Connecting to other software

We believe that you already have sufficient software for processing and storing geo-information. Therefore, we connect Omnibase with your mapping software. This means that all your mapped data is added directly into your existing environment without conversions. At this moment we are working hard on releasing the first connections. Do let us know which software you use, such that we can provide the connections relevant for you.

Starting with Omnibase

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