Images and a point cloud


MODUPS enables very accurate deformation analysis based on photogrammetry. Point clouds and fast data acquisition with the precision and reliability of tacheometry.

It is a topic which occurs in the news even more increasingly. Vulnerable quay walls in monumental, inner-city areas. It is a large problem for many municipalities. Work on the quay walls is often expensive, which, due to the monumental character of the immediate surroundings, causes long-term nuisance. In-time intervention at the right places is only possible with reliable insight into the deformation behavior of quay walls. With this information it is possible to prioritize the work. MODUPS offers the solution here.


How does it work?

For a MODUPS measurement you need: a good digital camera with a fixed lens and a number of reference points that only need to be present when the photo is taken. The reference points are measured by the surveyor so that they can be used as known points when processing the photos. The deformation measurement is performed by taking overlapping photos of the quay. In the overlapping images, the three-dimensional position of identical image points is determined, so that a cloud of deformation points on the quay wall becomes available. By performing the survey periodically, a time series is built and the deformations of the pixels can be determined. A revolutionary feature of the MODUPS technique is that it is possible to determine how accurately the deformation has been built up for each point. This is in the order of 2 to 3 mm and is therefore comparable to conventional deformation measurements. In addition, you MODUPS delivers a deformation image of the entire quay wall. Above all, MODUPS deliveres a 4 times faster execution of the measurement than the currently available deformation measurement techniques.


Knowledge & experience

Geodelta with geodetic advice & software, BouwRisk for environmental monitoring and CRUX for geotechnical advice, together form the expertise center of MODUPS! More information or curious what we can do in your situation? Check the special MODUPS website for more information or make an appointment.