The world's fastest stereo mapping software with a user friendly interface but without the fuss. Fully optimised for mapping and updating large scale base maps. Easy to integrate with the existing geo-information infrastructure in your organisation.

With EyeBase, stereographic mapping from aerial images is available for everyone. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and simple operation, photogrammetry is no longer reserved for specialists. And with EyeBase, no special hardware, except for the stereo display, is needed to start mapping.

Large scale mapping

Many organisations maintain large scale base maps. These maps are used for visualisation or asset management. Stereo mapping from aerial images is the most appropriate method to maintain these maps. With EyeBase, stereo photogrammetry can be employed with a very high level of accuracy and efficiency.

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System integration

We believe that EyeBase should be doing what it was made for: really fast mapping from aerial images. You already have other software for storing and managing your map data. Therefore, EyeBase seamlessly integrates with your existing software. We are continuously developing new connections to other packages, so please do contact us if a connection to your favourite environment is not currently provided for.

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Point Clouds

Aerial images are increasingly collected in conjunction with laser scanning. Also, point clouds can be derived from aerial images, themselves. A point cloud contains much additional information. New to EyeBase is the possibility to visualise the point cloud directly from the aerial images.



Stereo mapping requires an active or a passive stereo display. We advise the use of a passive display, as this significantly increases the level of comport for the user of the system. Geodelta supplies a 27" HD Passive Stereo Display, including all required peripherals.

Set-up and training

After delivery of the hardware and software, Geodelta can provide a one-day training in photogrammetry at your location. We will cover the basics of photogrammetry, before turning to the more practical aspects of EyeBase. Customised training sessions are also available, depending on your needs.

Starting with EyeBase

Many organisations already use EyeBase for their daily operational tasks. Is EyeBase also the right tool for your organisation? Contact us for a demonstration or a quotation.

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