Quality Control of Aerial Images

Many organisations rely on aerial images to maintain large scale topographic registrations. Often, these registrations have to conform a pre-defined set of quality requirements. This is for instance the case in The Netherlands with the "Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie" (BGT), for which quality requirements are set-out by law. Hence, the aerial images need to be of sufficient quality as well. Geodelta offers a unique service to provide fast and simple assurance on the quality of the aerial images.

Visit our website about quality control of aeril images. (In Dutch) or simply contact us directly for more information or a quote.

Quality Control of Lidar and Drones

Geodelta also offers extensive experience with the quality control of Lidar data as well as data from drone surveys. For instance, Geodelta is repsonsible for the entire QC process of the nation wide height model of the Netherlands (AHN4).