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With our expertise, we help our clients by providing independent advice related to the acquisition and management of geo-information. Examples of previous projects include the drafting of technical specifications, support during the tendering of projects, quality management and process improvement. Furthermore, we help our clients with the challenges that arise in IT-infrastructure from the ever increasing size of their spatial data sets.

Some examples of recent projects are mentioned on this page.

ProRail - Helicopter based data acquisition

ProRail is responsible for the management of the Dutch Railway network. In order to achieve safe and efficient train operations, accurate insight into the rail network and its surroundings is essential. ProRail started using helicopters for the acquisition of nadir images, oblique images and point clouds in 2018. This data is used for updating both generic topographic maps as well as specialised spatial railway databases. Geodelta supports ProRail as a trusted advisor on the technical aspects of this project and provides quality control on all delivered data. The video below shows a fragment from the Dutch national news broadcast related to this project.

Gasunie - Qualification of surveyors

Gasunie manages and maintains the infrastructure for large scale transport and storage of gas in The Netherlands. An accurate and reliable registration of gas pipe lines is essential, especially in a crowded country with many excavation activities near pipe lines. As a result, surveyors working on Gasunie contracts should not only possess sufficient knowledge and skills in land surveying, they should also demonstrate the right attitude while on the job.

Together with Gasunie, Geodelta developed a competence framework for surveyors working on Gasunie contracts. From this competence framework, a qualification scheme was developed based on the ISO 17024 standard for the certification of persons. This scheme was subsequently implemented by developing both theoretical and practical examinations. Both will be rolled-out to the surveyors in the course of 2019.

Landmeters bij Gasunie