Job Opening: 3D Geo-Information Software Engineer

The alignment of the railway tracks, the safety of the quay walls, the height of the dikes, the subsidence of the soil in peat meadow areas. These are some of the socially relevant projects the consultants and programmers at Geodelta work on. We achieve this by writing software that can provide answers to these questions. One of these software products is our 3D platform in which we map the entire Netherlands with great precision. To further build this platform, we are looking for a Software Engineer.

What will you be doing?

In a small team, you'll be involved in further developing our application. Based on our customers' needs, you will help in formulating work packages, in collaboration with your fellow developers and Geodelta's technical consultants. Subsequently, you will also ensure the actual development of these packages. Through code-review, you'll evaluate your colleagues' work and receive feedback on your own developed code. Thanks to the small team, you have a significant influence on the product's design and development and have the opportunity to work with many new techniques.

Our software is mainly written in C#.Net for the backend and in Angular for the frontend. The 3D environment is developed using Three.js. All services are hosted in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What does Geodelta offer?

At Geodelta, you will join a team on a mission: ensuring that the Netherlands becomes safer and more beautiful by delivering reliable geo-information. It's challenging, but also fun.

Currently, the Geodelta team consists of 11 people. All of them are experts in their field. Apart from serious work, there is also plenty of room for relaxation. We regularly organize social events, team outings, game nights, etc.

Geodelta is small enough for genuine collaborative work. However, the projects and software you work on have a significant impact. Major parties like Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail, municipalities, and water boards rely on Geodelta's expertise. Together with your colleagues, you work on solving socially relevant issues at Geodelta. Even more important, you work in a team of people all striving for quality and depth.

You can work from home or from our office in Delft, depending on what is convenient for your tasks. Geodelta will provide you with a laptop for this purpose. Our office is located on the edge of the city center in a beautiful historical building, which once served as the faculty of surveying at the TU Delft. In the place where complex calculations were being thought of over 120 years ago, we still devise algorithms and write fantastic software today. In that sense, little has changed: using technical knowledge, we aim to improve the Netherlands.

Of course, we offer a competitive salary and excellent secondary employment conditions. Among the secondary conditions are an excellent pension, travel allowance, NS Business Card including private use, compensation for your internet costs, and the option for a lease bike. Our working hours are very flexible.

Who are we looking for?

More information

We understand if you have further questions regarding this job opening. We invite you to send an email in such cases. We'd love to introduce you to who we are and what we do in a non-binding conversation.


Does it sound appealing to contribute to Geodelta's innovative software? Please send your CV to If we see a potential match, we will invite you for an introductory interview.