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Who we are

Our clients carry great responsibility. They manage critical infrastructure, maintain cities or deliver parts for the aerospace industry. The margin for error is getting smaller, and as it does so, the requirements for spatial measurements are getting stricter.

At Geodelta, we know that measuring is more than just precision. It is the reliability that counts. Are the measurements correct and have the correct procedures been applied?

We are engineering consultants focussed on delivering the best technical advice and software in the fields of geodesy, photogrammetry and laser scanning. We make sure that our clients can trust their measurements. We do this by developing user-friendly software and by providing trusted advice. We are independent, innovative, pragmatic and above all we have a passion for geodesy. Feel free to call us nerds, who do understand communication.

Innovative solutions

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Geo-information appears in two types nowadays: pictures and point clouds. We build software to extract accurate and reliable information from these data. From aerial photogrammetry for large scale mapping, to precision measurements for industrial applications. Central to our software is the extended statistical quality description and a high degree of user-friendliness.

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With our knowledge of geodesy, photogrammetry and laser scanning we support a wide range of clients on activities such as:

  • Management and requirements definition;
  • QA/QC of spatial data;
  • Education and certification;
  • Process optimisation;
  • Strategic and management consulting;
  • Calibration.

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Quality Control of Aerial Images


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Many organisations rely on aerial images to maintain large scale topographic registrations. Often, these registrations have to conform a pre-defined set of quality requirements. This is for instance the case in The Netherlands with the "Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie" (BGT), for which quality requirements are set-out by law. Hence, the aerial images need to be of sufficient quality as well.

Geodelta offers a unique service to provide fast and simple assurance on the quality of the aerial images. Visit luchtfotocertificaat.nl for more information (in Dutch), or simply contact us.

Our clients

From state government to local specialists: our clients and users are diverse, but are common in their need for geometrical quality.

Cadac Cyclomedia Municipality of Eindhoven Facto-Geo Fugro Gasunie Instituut Mijnbouwschade Groningen Kadaster Kartverket Municipality of Leiden Politie ProRail Rijkswaterstaat Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland SVB-BGT Tata Steel



Ingenieursbureau Geodelta B.V.

Visiting address: Kanaalweg 4
The Netherlands
Postal address: PO Box 3175
The Netherlands
E-mail: info@geodelta.com
Phone: +31 15 215 8188

Free parking is available in front of our office building. We are also very close to various public transport links. Refer to our travel directions by car and public transport for more information.